Today is National Bereaved Mother's Day

 As a mother who has lost a child, I know firsthand that mothers all over the world feel what I felt, and they are deserving of unconditional support. 


National Bereavement Mother's Day is a special day for moms like me who have lost a child.

It's an opportunity to talk about the grief we've endured and the unique challenges of being a bereaved mother.

When I first lost my daughter, I felt guilty for even thinking about grieving her loss.

It was so raw and I didn't think I deserved to be grieving; after all, I was still here while she wasn't. But as I went through my mourning process, I learned that it was OK to hurt—and it was OK to talk about it with others.

Today, I'm proud to share a photo from my daughter's funeral in Hawaii.

This picture represents a special moment in my life: the moment I finally embraced who I truly am.

After losing my daughter, I didn't feel like myself anymore; instead, I tried to fit into the life and style of someone else entirely.

But that wasn't what my daughter would have wanted for me.

This day, the day this photo was taken, is when Aloha Glamour was born.

If you're also a mourning mother reading this right now, know that you can be strong and grieve at the same time—and that you're not alone.


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