Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to offer trendy and high-quality clothing that empowers you to express yourself and embrace your personal style. From laid-back streetwear to sophisticated pieces, our diverse range of clothing is designed to cater to every taste and occasion.


Part of our ongoing mission is to be a strong link in the chain of supporting communities in Ghana. Through your donations, schools are being built and provided needed resources, artisans are being employed and our homeland is growing stronger. Please support.

About Us

Aloha Glamour

In the midst of picturesque Hawaii, a profound personal tragedy gave rise to Aloha Glamour. I, Alexis Williams, embarked on a journey that seamlessly intertwined personal grief with the creation of a vibrant, cultural fashion business. The story began when my beloved daughter, Lauren Taylor, was born into this beautiful world yet heartbreakingly taken too soon while I was stationed in Hawaii, serving in the military. Hawaii, with its enchanting beaches and aloha spirit, served as a backdrop to my experiences of love, loss, and ultimately, new beginnings.

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