It Could Have Been A Watermelon--It's National Childloss/ Miscarriage Awareness Month.

Pregnancy cravings… When you gotta have it, you just gotta have it right?

Well during my pregnancy with Lauren the two things I craved the most were pineapples and watermelon.

Now as all of you other mothers know; when we crave something during pregnancy there is no rhyme or reason to it.

But in this case I believe my cravings where laying the foundation for a period of healing that I didn’t know was coming.

Sharing the loss of Lauren with you guys has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and even now as I type and read my words I can still feel her; however the hurt of it all is lessened each day by the strength of what she has apparently left with me.

As I sat around my office a few days ago planning for an upcoming pop-up shop I was looking at Aloha Glamour’s logo and the strangest realization hit me.

I have been on this really strong pineapple kick as of late.

From pineapple shaped cups to pineapple shaped lamps to pineapple jelly, it’s been all I’m attracted to.

So much so it feels like a craving all over again.

Since I started Aloha Glamour it’s gone through a number of “facelifts” before getting to this point.

I think all those transition points were guiding me and teaching me just what my cravings with her taught me.

That there is no rhyme or reason to life. We go through life and we try things, we do things, we experience things.

Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t.

But in each situation there is an opportunity for growth if you’ll open yourself to understanding it.

In this case my understanding of who Lauren could have been to me and this world and just who I am as a mother and woman lives in Aloha Glamour’s pineapple logo.

Her little life inside me just wanted pineapples and watermelon. That’s all she knew at that time.

So it’s only right that as I carry her spirit with me, she gets to keep her pineapple.

But it’s not lost on me the fact that I could have just as easily gone on a watermelon kick and imagine how odd Aloha Glamour’s logo would look as a watermelon.

I think she helped mommy pick the right one. 

Love, Peace, and Glamour,

Alexis Williams


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