Long Live The King!

Jackie, Thurgood, James, A King, Chadwick.

You’ve portrayed some of the biggest names in history. You took on the roles of men who have impacted the world.

Out of all of the characters you’ve brought to life, T’Challa was my favorite. 

You made it ok for African Americans to be boldly proud of who they are. They dressed in the African Garments for the movie release and for a few weeks after.  We were proud to refer to you as ‘Our King’. 

My Takeaways The Black Panther Movie were:

1. How to use your power. 

2. The struggle between tradition and doing what’s right. 

3. Surround yourself in the counsel of the elders.

4. Women can be powerful and have a man that doesn’t dim their light. 

5. Women in Tech is a great thing.

6. It literally takes a village. 

7. Accept the challenges life throws at you.

8. Representation Matters.

9. Embrace your culture.

10. Show up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


 You are with our ancestors and God now!

 May they accept you with open arms


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