Happy Birthday to me!!! Chapter 37 is officially closed

Whew Chile! It's been a minute since I've been here.

How y'all doing?

I just stopped by to give you all an update on my life and all that has been going on.

My birthday was on Nov 15, 2021 and I am just now able to celebrate. (I was sick on my birthday...the ghetto)

Here a snapshot of my Chapter 37!

Yall know I had to write a long facebook post... LOL.. Read it below and let me know how you celebrate your birthday.

Chapter 37 ends at 0814 am and chapter 38 will begin at 0815.
I’m closing this chapter to open up a new story…filled with reflection and growth.
The past is not a failure or something I forget.
It’s taught me to get back up for the things that matter…
To walk away when something or someone is no longer worth my energy, and care for myself, despite the night when darkness surrounds me.
I am growing, I’m healing, and I’m learning.
It’s so beautiful to see how far I’ve come.💕
1. A quick recap of Chapter 38 includes a few press write ups.
2. Being accepted and graduating from Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program
3. Winning a business grant from The Queen Bee— Beyonce. ( https://www.wlox.com/.../south-mississippi-small.../)
4. Being featured and business promoted on her website and Oprah’s Website. (https://www.oprah.com/.../the-belle-collective-business...) & https://www.oprah.com/app/online-marketplace.html
5. Two podcast interviews! One with my cousin, cousin Brian, of Shop Chilvary and Podcast: (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGi403-O3k8KjLsW2F9B4sg) and my sis Angela from: A little perspective podcast:
6. Being THE Only speaker for an event that people came to hear me speak at…(wait what😳😮)
8. Shucker Cancer Honoree
9. By March of 2021 I had signed a deal to open a co-working space. Whew Chile! That was an experience in itself.
10. Travel to Ghana to finally meet my extended family and my Aloha Glamour facilities there! Raised money for the free school his family runs, and met most of the artisans that create items you all enjoy at Aloha Glamour.
11. Aloha Glamour takes on NYFW!!!! 10: Aloha Glamour takes on NYFW!!!! 9 shows in two days!! reprinted over 100 times.
12. Became an International Best Selling Author with the release of the 2nd Anthology I’ve been blessed to be apart of.
13. Signed a historic lease with Simon Properties and had a whole ribbon cutting!
Chile, no wonder I go to bed at 8:30. 😂🤣
Oh, and I won $10,000 worth of plastic surgery in Miami. 🤣😂 I kept telling y’all when I lose this stomach y’all ain’t gone know what to do with me!
The crazy thing is… I’ll celebrate for a day my accomplishments for an hr or two—at most and get back on the grind.
Looking back over Chapter 37…I now realize I’ve been playing small since Chapter 35.
I don’t know anyone who has done any of the things I’ve done.
I really should be charging to teaching entrepreneurs at this point. The free yesterday is not the same price of today.
I’m getting older now so I’ll call chapter 38: Living in my truth!
We will be turning the page in a few hours!!! Are you ready?
I sure am!!!!

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