The Blue Print: 5 day live class

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It seems like everybody and their mama has a boutique or is selling SOMETHING! 

Since COVID kicked off a lot of people have been laid off or have been forced to quit their jobs!

I know you’ve been thinking about starting your business but don’t know where to start.

I am here to help!

This course is for you! Classes start the Monday of  third week of each month. A link will be sent for you to join our private FB Group

In 5 days you will learn the step by step process of building your OWN online boutique!

What’s on the lesson plan?

 I’m glad you asked.

You will learn:

- how to shift your mindset to one of an entrepreneur

- creating your brand identity

- choosing vendors

-How to price your products 

- Choosing a platform to house your boutique

- Creating graphics and so much more


 This course is non-refundable

This course is NONREFUNDABLE!

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