Aloha Glamour Membership

We’ve signed a year lease at the outlet mall!!! 🎉🎉🎉

We have to increase our prices to not only compete but to grow Aloha Glamour.

My ultimate goal is to expand so that we can potentially have an Aloha Glamour at your nearest outlet mall. Therefore, the price yesterday isn’t the price today.

BUT! I have an exclusive offer for you original AG’s. The ones who have been rocking with me since the start of the brand.

You can choose from the following deals: 

 Annual Membership of $99

A code will be created just for you.  You’ll receive 10% off of all of your orders in person or online. 


 ✨You will receive a discount code that gets you 15% off all of your purchases in-store and online. 
✨ You’re also able to host a private family and friends shopping experience with an Aloha Glamour associate or brand ambassador.



✨Code for 25% off all purchases in store or online. 

✨ ability to host a private shopping event 

✨Half off all of our events hosted at the store or online. 


✨35% off in store purchases and online purchases. 

✨15% off coupon for your family and friends to use once a month.

✨ability to host a private shopping event 

✨ Free entry to all of our events hosted at the store or online. 

✨free gift quarterly up to $25 in value. 


50% off all items and all that other stuff listed under the $29.99 Monthly membership. 

Don’t worry, if you don’t use your discount code for the month…you’ll still receive a gift equal to your membership level. 

Happy Shopping


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