Pre Order: Black AG Jumbo Fan

Pre Order: Black AG Jumbo Fan

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Hello! I'm excited to introduce our Black Aloha Glamour fan. This beautiful fan is made with high-quality bamboo and fabric, and features 13 sturdy ribs for durability. When closed, it measures 33cm by 66cm, and opens up to provide a refreshing breeze.

Please note that this fan is currently only available for pre-order, as we are raising funds to send Aloha Glamour internationally. By purchasing this fan, you will not only receive a stylish and practical accessory, but also help support our mission. Thank you for considering our Black Aloha Glamour fan!

Pre-orders will close 30 June and fans will ship as soon as they are received at our warehouse: 

there are no refunds on pre-orders. By purchasing this pre-order you are acknowledging that you’ve read and understand our no refund policy on pre-orders.

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