Fan: Black Trek

Fan: Black Trek

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"Each Aloha Glamour African print fan is a canvas of passion and tales untold.

Every sweep of its vibrant fabric narrates love stories from ancient African landscapes, where every pattern signifies a serenade and every hue dances with the rhythm of heartbeats.

As it caresses your skin with a gentle breeze, be transported to moonlit walks amidst the Serengeti or stolen glances under the Baobab tree's shade.

With every gentle flutter, these fans don't just keep you cool; they kindle the flames of romance, wrapping you in tales of love that span continents and centuries.

Embrace the allure, the mystique, and the romance of the ages with Aloha Glamour's African print fans."


Folded measures 9” long
Unfolded 12” long

The handles are made of dark brown, light brown, or black leather with a latch to hold it together.

African print fabric folding fans make the perfect gift. 

Pattern will vary.

Please note that due to variations in computer monitors, tablets, and/or mobile device settings actual fabric colors may slightly different from the pictures viewed on screen.

Colors may slightly vary from the photos.

Made in Ghana

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